If you were to go at a 90 degree angle. If you were to go perpendicularly straight down, you get to this side, that’s going to be, that’s going to be our height. So in a situation like this when you have a parallelogram, you know its base and its height, what do we think its area is going to be?

The area of a rectangle is equal to its length multiplied by its width. This equation is represented by A=L*W. If you have only the area and width, you can use the same equation to solve for the area. For example, if the area is 60 and the width is 5, your equation will look like this: 60 = x*5. Divide 60 by 5 to find x, or the length.

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You can find the area of a triangle by multiplying the base and height, then dividing by two. You can find the area of a cylinder or prism by multiplying the area of the base by the height.

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To find the area of a circle, you will need to use a calculator that has a button for pi. If you are using a calculator that does not have this button, you can approximate the area by substituting 3.1415 for pi. Multiply the length of a rectangle by its width to find its area.

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Area by Coordinates. When we know the coordinates of each corner point we can use the Area of irregular polygons method. There is an Area of a Polygon by Drawing Tool that can help too.